PHotoEspaña 99 is the second edition of the International Photography Festival that was held for the first time in Madrid from June to July, 1998. This year's dates will be from June 16 to July 18 and there will be approximately 70 simultaneous exhibitions taking place, principally along the eight kilometres of the main arterial boulevard, La Castellana, from Atocha to Plaza de Castilla. PHotoEspaña will have a duration of one month. The Festival has a main bloc of high impact exhibitions and a network of exhibitions in art galleries around the city's central artery.

The second edition of PHotoEspaña is a commitment to emotion in photography. The photographers selected for the official section share a passionate vision of life and photography as a medium to communicate their emotions to the public. Sangre Caliente is an alternative offer to the artistic tendencies that base their expression on intellectual argument, reflecting on the semiotics of photography and analysing the ambiguous nature of its language. Sangre Caliente wants to be a platform that recovers the intensity with which photography relates to the spectator. Emotion is not a synonym for banality.

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